The 21st IberoAmerican Congress on Pattern Recognition

CIARP 2016 is the 21st in the CIARP series of annual international conferences devoted to all aspects of pattern recognition, computer vision, multmedia and related fields. The conference will be held on 8–11 November 2016, at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Auditorium, Faculty of Law). Lima, capital of Perú, country of the Empire of Hidden Treasures! It is an honor for the city of Lima to host the most important scientific meeting on Pattern Recognition in IberoAmerica.

4 Speakers

Our Keynote speakers

Speaker 1

Yann LeCun

Director of AI Research, Facebook Founding Director of the NYU Center for Data Science

Speaker 2

B.S. Manjunath

Director, Center for Bio-image Informatics University of California

Speaker 3

Xiaohui Liu

Design and Physical Sciences Department of Computer Science, Brunel University London

Speaker 4

George Azzopardi

Intelligent Computer Systems, ICT Faculty University of Malta

Organization Committee

oc 1

César Beltrán

General Chair
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

oc 2

Ingela Nyström

Associate General Chair
President of the IAPR.

oc 3

Fazel Famili

Associate General Chair
University of Ottawa

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08 - 11 November CIARP 2016

Call for Papers


Lima - Perú: The 'City of Kings' reings again

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    CIARP 2016 will be held in Auditorium of Faculty of Law, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in Lima, the capital of Peru. Visiting Peru should be high on anyone’s bucket list, the capital is a foodie paradise with world-class restaurants. Lima’s historic center is lively and easy to walk, where you can find monasteries, museums and historical places. To the south of the historic center is Miraflores, a modern seaside district with nice modern hotels. One of the true wonders of the world, buried deep in the Andes Mountains of Peru, is Machu Picchu, symbol of Inca civilization. Peruvians take great pride in their nation’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Machu Picchu might be the most famous place in Peru, but it is only the beginning.

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    Peru: Empire of Hidden Treasures

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